THE SCAMP, Jennifer Pashley's debut novel, was published by Tin House Books in fall 2015.


Unflinchingly dark and violent, THE SCAMP follows the lives of Rayelle Reed and her cousin, Khaki, young women who share the same rural, impoverished background, but have landed on vastly different paths. Rayelle, desperate to move beyond the death of her daughter, chases after her runaway cousin, Khaki, who's left a trail of blood and damage behind her as she moves across the South.


THE SCAMP confronts head on the issues of family origins, and the bonds between mothers, daughters, and sisters. It delves deep into the cycle of abuse and poverty, questioning, in the end, the value of any one life, child or adult.


Released in May 2013 from Standing Stone Books, THE CONJURER includes the award winning stories "Something Good," (Mississippi Review Prize 2009) and "Angels," (Carve Magazine Esoteric Award from LGBT fiction 2012), as well as stories that appeared originally in PANK, Salt Hill, Swink, and Stone Canoe.


[A stunning] portrayal of humans in love and the side effects of passion--strange consummations, half-hearted substitutions, moments of grace. Pashley is a hard luck oracle, tracing portents in a world heavy with the weight of not-quite babies, truck-stop infidelities, the ghosts of June Carter and Raymond Carver and Flannery O'Connor. These beautiful stories walk the edge between bravado and poetry, creating their own weird magic. One of the characters imagines being poisoned from the inside out by gold flaked from the rim of an old coffee cup; this collection accomplishes a similar feat, a gorgeous poisoning, Pashley's language a precious lethal substance spreading into all the hidden places. -- Tina May Hall, author of The Physics of Imaginary Objects, winner of the Drue Heinz Prize for Literature, 2010

Released in 2007 from Lewis-Clark Press, STATES will be released in  2014 from DZANC Books rEprint series.


Includes the award-winning title story, "States," (Red Hen Prize for Fiction, 2005), along with stories that originally appeared in Mississippi Review and Dogwood.


The world in Jennifer Pashley’s stories is wicked and seriously out-of-whack, remarkable and delicious—you never know who you’re going to run into. Pashley writes quick, tough dialog that cuts hard and scars, and her stories put you in places and circumstances you have little chance of getting to otherwise. She asks you to pay attention and use your imagination, and then treats you to the real pleasures of fiction, of character, of remarkable people in difficult times. Her work always stuns. -- Frederick Barthelme

Journal Publications


"Hangovers" (orig. in matchbook) chosen by Roxane Gay for the Wigleaf Top 50 of 2014


"On the Cutting Room Floor," The Butter Blog, April 13, 2015


"Invisible Girl," Spectre Magazine, March 2, 2015


"Strange Animals," Witness, XXVII, No. 3, Winter 2014


"Hangovers," Matchbook, January 2014


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December 2013


"Bust," Wigleaf, Fall 2013 with postcard


"What You Know," Memorious 20, Summer 2013, with author spotlight


"Knoxville," Ocean State Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, Summer 2013


"Hearts," New World Writing, Spring 2013


"Angels," Carve Magazine, and winner of a 2012 Esoteric Award for LGBT writing


"Flood," New World Writing, Winter 2012


"Dairy Queen," SmokeLong Quarterly, December 2010


"Magic," PANK Magazine


"Tub O'Suds," Swink


"Attracted to Both Sexes, Committed to One Person," essay, The Good Men Project, Jan. 2013


"An April Fool's Wedding," essay, The Good Men Project, Jan. 2013





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